Hello, my name is… well, I won’t share my name just yet. Let’s call me PK. Let’s get to know one another. I am from a small town in Mississippi where I went to college at East Central Community, then on to Hinds Community where I received an Associates degree in Arts and Sciences (meaning I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life) then onto Mississippi State University where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Interesting, right? I met my, now husband, while I was at Hinds Community College and he was taking the bar at Mississippi College of Law. How did we meet you may ask? Well, in Kroger on the pasta aisle. I simply asked a hot guy where a certain pasta was because I wouldn’t find it amongst all the many pastas and he most kindly helped me. I then proceeded to ask for his number where I then asked him if he wanted to “hang out” where I then got to know him more and more, and then after four months I so boldly pronounced “I love you” where he so boldly pronounced “Thank you, it’s nice to be loved.” But that didn’t stop me. I knew what I wanted and I was going to fight for it. Well, him. After a few months of dating (6 to be exact) while at a wedding, he introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend. Me, being the kinda girl I am had no recollection of him asking me to be his girlfriend, so doing what anyone would do I asked him to ask me to be his girlfriend. He laughed and thought it was funny but I was very serious, he then says “will you be my girlfriend?” OF COURSE I WILL!! I am so glad you asked… A little while later he tells me that he wants to join the military, and that took me for a loop because who wants to spend months without seeing someone that you actually enjoy? No one. But he joins and goes off to Officer Candidate School where I get to spend the next few months with my anxiety. Two and a half years later, well, we make it. All the way to the altar where we married and now reside in San Diego, CA. 

One Dick Whore. You may think that it is a pretty aggressive, maybe even weird, name for a blog. Let me explain. One Dick Whore is something us loyal ladies can call ourselves. We can call ourselves this because, 1. We are loyal to our man meaning it is only one dick we are after, his. And 2. Whore is a funny word that people use to describe someone who wants dick all the time. And let’s be honest. We all want the “D”.

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